Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lexi's Second to Last Parent Program at Preschool

Each quarter, Lexi's preschool puts on a parent program where the kids sing, dance, have speaking parts, and dress up. They were so cute and educational and entertaining. Alice came to most of them with me and we just loved watching Lexi mature throughout the year.

Corbin at 4 Months Old

Here are some pictures of Corbin when he was 4 months old.

You cannot possibly look at this one and not smile. His raised eyebrow is epic!

Love this brown eyed boy of ours!

Zoo Day

Last year in April, Maralyn and Rhett invited the girls and I to a zoo trip! I love going to the zoo, and I especially love going to the zoo for FREE! She always gets a year membership where she can take guests so it is so nice of her to invite us A LOT!

Corbin had a blast! :)

Lexi got so close to the pelicans this time. It was crazy cool!

Lex and Rhett in shock at how close they got

"I love Makeup, Mommy!"

Christine is a girly girl all the way. She loves princesses, getting her hair done, painting nails, playing dress up, dancing, AND wearing make up. Now, once in a while, I will put a little eye shadow on and lipstick when we are playing princesses and not leaving the house and she loves it. Well, one day, she wanted me to "make her up" but I was extremely busy with Corbin and I kept telling her, In a minute Christine. She finally left me alone and I thought she moved on to something else. That is, until she comes out 10 minutes later saying, "I make up myself mommy" and "Aren't I pritty?" This is what I saw.

she also dressed herself up in Lexi's clothes

I was laughing so hard I had no time to be mad. She felt so beautiful and proud that she did it herself. I love the mascara, foundation, and eye shadow that all made it to the lips. I have no idea why she decided to close her eyes but this girl is something else. :)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Easter 2013

I am now caught up to April, yay!!!! Chris and I bought our first house in April and because of the craziness of the event and the fastness, I do not have pictures, but we were so excited to finally move out of an apartment and find a home that meets our family needs and that we can begin to plant roots in. Our neighbors were so welcoming and kind and we are so happy to be where we are. It was the 2nd house we looked at and we could not be happier in it. We moved in Easter weekend so it was exciting! I did get pictures of the kids in their Easter outfits so that is what I will share in this post. Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny found our new place, thank goodness!

I love the early morning pictures of the crazy hair and stuff that can be used as black mail later in life :) jk.
The Easter Bunny brought the girls some money to put in their money jars.

Here are the girls in our front yard wearing their pretty dresses

This dress to this day is still lexi's favorite because she can twirl so well in it

Love her squinty eyes

Even though most of our stuff was still in boxes, we still found time to decorate eggs. One of my girls' favorite Easter traditions.

Corbo was about 4 months old on Easter

What a cutie, huh?

In the evening we had the hunt at my mom and dad's house Lexi found one in the corner over there

Christine had a blast doing this

Fun Easter tradition

Chris's 30th Surprise Birthday Party: Minute to Win It Style

Chris turned 30 in 2013 and I felt that this needed to be celebrated in a special way. Chris, unlike me, loves surprises and parties. So, I knew he would love a surprise birthday party for his special day. So, I got a sitter for the girls and told him that after work we were going to go out to dinner. Our fancy smancy dinner was Quiznos! Then, I cannot remember exactly what I said to get him to my parents' house, but we got there and when he walked in all our family and friends who could attend yelled, Surprise! and he surely was surprised. It was awesome! Then, we played minute to win it games which was incredibly fun and we ended with cake and ice cream. Chris really liked it!


Game #1: Chocolate Unicorn
Using only one hand, they had to balance unwrapped ding dongs on their forehead. 7 total to win. It never happened but it was sure fun to watch them try

Shawn and Joel were the cool ones to play this game

Second game: Breakfast Scramble
The front of a cereal box was cut into same size rectangles and just like a puzzle they had to put it together in one minute. Kara and Aaron pretty much tied. 

Game #3: A Bit Dicey
Have to balance dice on a popsicle stick that is held in your mouth. Jake was the brave soul who did it and he was successful!

Game #4: Don't Blow the Joker
A stack of cards was placed on a glass bottle with the joker lying face up on the bottom of the pile. They had to blow the cards off without blowing the joker off. One of the easier games but Chris and Joel did a good job. 

Game #5: Junk in the Trunk
Ping pong balls were placed in an empty tissue box that was tied around the waist and only shaking the hips you had to get all the balls out. Maralyn and my Dad were so funny to watch!

Game #6: Stack Attack
Using only one hand you have to stack the cups without it falling over. My uncompetitive mother did this game and although she didn't finish in one minute, she did finish and it looked awesome!

Game #7: Bite Me
Paper bags cut in various heights were laid on the ground and by only using your mouth you have to pick them up and move them to the table. Aaron killed this game! He is competitive and he was stellar at this game. 

Game #8: How's It Hangin
This game is ridiculous! A banana is tied on a string around the waist and you have to use that to move an orange across the room into the hula hoop. FUNNY and HARD and I ended up playing with Jake because everyone else was too scared :) Hilarious to watch!

Game #8: Ready Spaghetti 
They had a spaghetti noodle in their mouth that they had to pick up a soda can with and then build a pyramid with on the other table. 

Autumn and Hallie were a team and so were Chris and Ian

Game #9: Floatacious
Alice decided to play this game. She had to balance 5 soda cans on a plate that is sitting in water. Balance is key here!

Game #10: So, I cannot find the name of this game now but they shot rubber band at the toilet paper to try to knock the soda cans off. It is harder than it looks. Ian and my Dad played this game. 

After all the laughs and games, we sang to Chris and ate cake. 
Make a wish birthday boy! Chris loved his party. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Phoenix Marathon Kids Free 1K Fun Run

My sister in law, Sarah, told us about this free kids run that ran in conjunction with the phoenix half and full marathon events last March. We couldn't pass up a free event that promotes health so we went. Sarah ended up not being able to come, but Grandma Glidewell brought her boys so that the cousins could all run it together. This was Lexi's 2nd run and Christine's first run. They got free shirts, a ribbon and free food afterwards so they loved it.

They were a bit tired, but I promise they had fun besides what this picture depicts.

so proud.